The radiant sun

3 tips to take full advantage of its warmth and energy

The construction industry has embraced the sun, that shows. With a series of regulations, we can’t ignore the topic, but why would we even want to? The construction regulations may be strict, nevertheless energy performance and a comfortable indoor life concerns us all with the current climate. With a renovation or construction project we need to consider the sun our close ally, as a strategic tool on several fronts:

  • TIP 1: Large windows are not just a modern-day architectural trend. Glass walls bring in an abundance of natural sunlight. This is especially important in the colder winter days where the extra warmth of the sun can flood the interiors of the home, cutting back on heating and energy consumption.
  • TIP 2: However, that heat can become increasingly uncomfortable during the sultry summer. Airconditioning is one solution. It causes poor indoor quality though and moreover, it’s expensive and energy consuming. External sun protection and roller shutters offer the better solution. The unwanted heat is blocked even before the sun touches the windows, in doing so they offer an efficient protection against overheating.
  • TIP 3: Control your roller shutters or external screens by solar power:

We trust in the solar control of Somfy, the authority on home automation. The battery and motor are entirely integrated within the box, the solar panel is attached on the outside. Recently this solution has been updated with several extra advantages: automatic obstacle detection, a programmed control can put the battery in sleep mode (energy-saving mode) and the Somfy Solar is now compatible with their RTS keypad and the Keygo RTS control. This enables the domotics to connect between solar and non-solar products. 
A solar motorization evidently requests enough sunlight. Thus the orientation of your roller shutter or sunprotection screen is crucial, just like its dimensions. Because a solar motor is limited in capacity to 10Nm. Discover which solar solution is best fitted for your home with a very helpful app from Somfy

Enjoy the sun to the fullest. By letting the warmth of the radiant sun in your home when it’s cold, by blocking the heat outside when it’s too hot and by controling your roller shutters or external screens by solar power.
The sun always shines, even when it rains…