BUILDING launches webshop for profiles & components

At the beginning of June we launched our online shop for profiles and components with the catchphrase “order 24/7 online: quick and easy”. With this launch we respond to the growing demand of our customers for a platform on which they can complete orders, independently and outside the ‘traditional’ office hours. But our webshop is much more than an ordering platform..

Quicker ordering process

The main reason we launched our webshop is to provide our clients with more independence and to make the ordering process easier for them. Thanks to this automation, orders will be processed faster. Clients place their orders when it’s most convenient. They are no longer bound to office hours.

All info stored in 1 place

Besides the fact the online shop is an ordering platform, it’s also a database where customers can find all relevant product information. Each product is displayed with an image, all available information and detailed product specifications.

Order templates

The ‘order templates’ are really a handy tool. With these templates, frequent orders can easily be saved. When repeating an order, customers simply choose their matching template, adapt the desired quantity and proceed to checkout.

Consult documents 24/7

Via the webshop all orders and invoices can be closely followed. Not only concerning orders via the online shop, but as well for orders that were processed through our internal sales.

Clients first need to register before they can start ordering online. Are you interested? You can register here.